Elephant Skull EP

by Sex Bunker

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    Sex Bunker's very first vinyl release, this slab of wax is a blast of noise and bile. With a hand-screened cover and 11x17 poster insert.

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Recorded in the winter and spring of 2012, this is SXBNKR's testament to this bizarre and horrifying year.
Songs about consumerism, gender roles, racism on the south side of Chicago and the collapse of "truth" due to internet know-it-alls. With six tunes clocking in at eight and a half minutes, this the band's most furious release yet.


released May 22, 2012

Low-end: Bert
Six strings: Woji
Beats: Walsh
Yelling: Mez
Backup vox: Bert & Woji
Guest vox: Natasha (on "Only Natural")

Recorded and mixed by Bert
Lacquers and mastering by Dave at Lucky Lacquers
Pressed by Rainbo Records
Cover art by Woji (www.mattwojtan.com)
Insert photos by Eileen Meslar (www.eileenmeslar.com)




Sex Bunker Chicago, Illinois

SXBNKR is a four piece hardcore punk/psychedelic grunge band based out of Chicago.

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Track Name: I'd Buy That For a Dollar
Good morning consumer!
How are you today?
I got a lot of things for you to buy
better believe you're gonna pay
I can give you sex appeal
and I can give you health
anything that you want I got
for a small exchange of wealth
I got the cure for what ails you
I'll solve problems you didn't know you had
I got the American Dream
at a convenient payment plan
it's not about annihilation
it's about assimilation
and the corporate creation
of a brain-dead consumer nation

buy this shit or no one will fuck you
buy this shit or you'll die alone
buy this shit or you're un-American
buy this shit or the terrorists win
buy this shit or buy this shit
or buy this shit or . . .

it's all been a lie
programmed into our brains
impossible to live up to
so it drives us all insane

I don't wanna buy their shit
I just wanna fucking live
Track Name: Only Natural
in my head through open eyes
in my mind through holy lies
and I'm feeling it again
poison flows out from my brain

bound into my role
submission is straight jacket tight
hook the strings in make me dance
I'm not alright I'm not alright
I'm not alright
make it a part of you

only natural to feel that hate
only natural to imitate

in your head through open eyes
in your mind through holy lies
and I'm feeling it again
poison flows out from my brain

gun against her temple
oppression goes with sex so well
you put her in her place
or you get put in yours
we make it hell
we make it hell
make it a part of you

only natural to watch that rape
only natural to participate
don't mind them they're having fun
boys'll be boys, you know that hun
"it's only natural so what's the use"
"it's only natural" is just an excuse

sex is taught to ten year-olds
by glossy fantasies with red-gash lips
and women are replaceable products
not people
she's a receptacle, not respectable
and you wonder why we're all so fucked

sliced up clits
poison tits
rapist culture and porno kids
black eye liner and split lip grins
and you say it's natural but I beg to differ
Track Name: A Man Who Had Faith
I just did what I was told

skeletal fingers
nicotine stains
poison insides and
rotten brains
here's a man who had faith

here's a man who had faith

I don't want a guilty conscience
you don't want a guilty conscience
but then who wants a guilty conscience?
I don't want a guilty conscience

was a man who had faith
how little it took to break
how little it took to break
Track Name: Sir, We Are They / Where I'm From

truth is dead
lies are truth
all I know
is nothing

are a dime a fucking dozen
now truth
that's harder to get
tailor-made paranoid fantasies
everyone has their personal conspiracies
but know-it-all's are so full of shit

Christians and the CIA
Mafia dons
Muslim presidents
Hitler's brain
Zionist plots
UN deathcamps
mutant plague
George Soros runs the Hague
Rupert Murdoch owns every show
ACORN armies
terror control
Osama lives and Paul is dead
Sirhan Sirhan under my bed
need I say more?
all you need to know the score

I don't trust
who thinks they have it all
figured out



don't touch
can't see anyway
wrong color, wrong side
every day is tradition and that's the way it stays
can't tell anyway
red line and white flight
everyday is tradition and that's the way it stays

where I'm from isn't who I want to be
but where I'm from isn't lost on me
for all that's lost and all that's gained
where I'm from just stays the same

black and white and red and red and red and red . . .
Track Name: Church of the Glowing Rectangle
dead eyes and a bad head
reflection of the fly on the wall
nothing good
oh no, nothing good
we all got potential, yeah
it's what keeps me up at night
when I know that no one's there
I know no one's there

no one
but the glowing
all knowing television eye
submission to the eternal hum
without ever asking why

culture is like a tool
a tool like a knife
but who's holding the knife?
tell me who's holding the knife?
we all got potential, yeah
but what good's it gonna do?
if it all adds up to shit
because we all already gave up

gave up
to the soft glow
to the soft cage and the dull mind
a brainwashed fucking pod person
lost inside the lie

this is my only love
this is my only friend
this is where I find my truth
this is where I meet my end
this is why I'm lost
static onslaught
swallowed without thought
leisure at all costs
this is why we're all fucking lost